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Archivio multimediale
Multimedia Files (Images/Audio/Video/Other)

Archivio Multimediale
Archivio Multimediale

The Multimedia archive shows a panel of thumbnails and the selected images in real size or zoomed in or out as desired. Videos and sounds are played through the internal windows media player embedded in the program. Images can be saved, edited in an external application, printed or linked in the memo text.

By setting a list of directories where to import multimedia from, the Doctor can retrieve and archive his instruments generated media for future analysis and browsability.

It is also possible to attach other file types to the visit, and to drag a file into the text editor, to provide a direct link to the file and also print images inserted in the text.
Images Comparison
Archivio Multimediale

Images Comparison
Archivio Multimediale

Image Comparison functions can be also sent to other monitors in order to show them to Patients

Other tools for multimedia files:

(Images menu)

(Multimedia menu) 

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