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Gestione appuntamenti

Appointments Schedule

- Appointments management on a graphical interface
- Week, Day and detailed view
- Appointment annotation through text, custom colours and icons
- Multi-parameter search for past and future appointments
- Highlighting of non-available time spans
- Search of available time spans where to insert appointments
- Automatic callback appointments insertion
- Parallel view for different work locations
- Printable memo for the Patient
- Printable or exportable lists of appointment

The Appointments Schedule is the main tool for the Secretary, providing an intuitive and quick interface for taking, consulting and modifying appointments, working in week view, day view or more in detail when needed (especially while displaying multiple locations).

Gestione appuntamenti - agenda settimanale
Schedule - Week view

By customizable colours one can easily recognize past or future appointments and moreover add new colours to identify particular events, such as a possible delay or the urgency of an appointment.
The schedule can be configured with different work locations such as in multiple offices or, like in the case of dentists, in multiple seats

Gestione appuntamenti - agenda giornata
Schedule - Day view

Appointments indication for place, colour meaning, or icons is totally optional and won't be shown if not used to keep the interface as clean as possible. Most tasks can be accomplished with a simple mouse click.

A very important tool is the cross reference search which can also export data as text or excel table.

Gestione appuntamenti - ricerca incrociata
Schedule - Search

Other very helpful functionalities are automatic callbacks, printable memos, audio-visual alarms.

Gestione appuntamenti - memo audio visivo
Schedule - Alarms

Gestione appuntamenti - memo stampabile
Schedule - Printable memo

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