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Gestione Studio Medico con Software Gestionale

Private Practice Management with Doctor's Office

Gestione ambulatorio Software gestionale Doctor's Office 2021 is an advanced management suite designed to help and complement every task of the private practice, allowing to connect together Secretary and Medics to share the same data, (apart from sensible context) and to exchange messages.

The application is comprised of many different components linked together which guarantee a quick management of appointments, patient list, and billing and provide the doctor with all the needed tools for his profession. Such tools as keywords annotation, reports and letters printing, list generation, search by keywords, visits comparison, data export, etc...

Doctor's Office is actually built with the functionalities of four programs for the price of one:
  - Outlook-style Schedule and Patient List
  - Visits Archive with Multimedia and keywords
  - Billing and reports
  - Drugs Database and Recipe Creation

The application can fit perfectly in private practices which require an advanced system for data management and secretarial tasks. Many tools are supplied to perform more efficiently common tasks, without renouncing to the traditional flexibility of the paper.
These tools are born from collaborations between Medics and Software Developers: this is one of the reasons why the software is continually evolving and getting better at satisfying most needs (see Technical Details for a history of the changes and updates).

To evaluate properly the application in one's own environment, the application can be tried for a period of three months without any restrictions. This temporary license can be converted to permanent once the application is bought.

ambulatorio medico Gestione visite Here is a simple example of use:
From the Secretary Desk (or by the Doctor himself) an appointment is planned for the next week on the Schedule View: a dialog for the input of the Patient data is required the first time the Patient is registered and then automatically recalled for subsequent appointments. By means of a menu, the type of appointment and task is chosen (for example a normal visit, an exam, or operation) which automatically calculates the appointment duration, and allows to rapidly insert callback appointments where indicated.

On the Doctor's computer, on a view available only to himself, the same appointment appears ready to receive medical details. The day of the visit the Doctor will be able to insert here any details he thinks useful, in different forms: free rich-editor text with tables, pointed lists and images, multimedia files in a separated place, four customizable quick-insertion forms and through personalized data insertion templates (see Template Modules).
From these components it's very quickly to export data in various forms (excel, powerpoint, csv, lists, etc) and to compose prescriptions, also with the aid of the drug database and recipe creation. Moreover the quick-insertion fields use keywords which will be very useful in subsequent searches, visit comparisons, and therapy analysis.

At the end of the visit the Secretary Desk can fill-in the bill automatically by a simple click: the Tasks list supplies proper wording and cost, the patient list the billing details.

Many other tools are available to the Doctor and the Secretary which are completely optional and can be used or not depending on the needs of the office.

Gestione studio medico Gestionale studio medico Particularly interesting is the ability of the program to work through a local network or internet: this allows to configure a central server (the Secretary Desk for example) to which connect the other users, both from the same office (LAN) and other distant ones (internet) and to share the same data, obviously following privacy restrictions.
This type of structure flexibility gives many possible scenarios: one could for example configure many different databases and work in turn with all of them to keep data separated. Or the Doctor laptop could connect to different Secretary Desks where the data for that particular office is stored.
This said the program can obviously work on a single computer, without network or internet connection, be it the Doctor computer, when there's no need for much secretarial work, or the Secretary one alone, when the Doctor doesn't want to use all the program features yet.  

Gestione studio medico Gestionale studio medico Connecting the computers together allows the users (Secretary and Medics) to work on the same data, with synchronization control and sensitive data permissions. This also allows the users to chat by instant messages through the program, making the like in the office more pleasant and information exchange easier.

Software Gestionale Software gestionale The different functionalities of the program can be divided in six fields of interest. To see an extended explanation, please click on the desired section or use the menu on the top left part of the page:

Appointments Schedule Appointments Schedule

- Appointments management on a graphical interface
- Week, Day and detailed view
- Appointment annotation through text, custom colours and icons
- Multi-parameter search for past and future appointments
- Highlighting of non-available time spans
- Search of available time spans where to insert appointments
- Automatic callback appointments insertion
- Parallel view for different work locations
- Printable memo for the Patient
- Printable or exportable lists of appointment

Patient List Patient List

- Extended patients information database
- Multi parameter search (name, sex, DOB, place, address, etc)
- Medical profile or notes (optionally with restricted access)
- Quick letter creation
- Quick visualization of future appointments
- (Italy related) Automatic Codice Fiscale calculation
- Patient list exportable in many formats as excel, text, csv, etc

Visit Medical Details Visit Medical Details

- Patient history archiving and analysis
- Visit details, report, operations and dismission
- Quick insert field and search by keywords
- Personalized data insertion templates derived from the paper version
- Image archive with linking, exportation and manipulation
- Audio and Video archive
- Image exportation in PowerPoint
- Image editing through external editor
- Automatic prescription creation

Billing Billing

- Bill creation, printing and archiving
- Flexible archive with editing and number/date control
- Total calculation customizable
- Automatic numbering and date insertion
- Multi parameter search
- Periodic report and analysis

Tasks List Tasks List

- Tasks List integrated with the other functionalities
- Average or indicative task duration for appointments
- Code and proper description for quick bill filling
- Quick insertion in appointments
- Automatic callback appointments
- Quick insertion in bills
- Waiting lists

Drugs and Recipes (Italy related) Drugs and Recipes (Italy related)

- Italian national database (55000 drugs)
- Advanced search and favourite section
- Nota AIFA, Class, Active Component, Brand, ATC, etc...
- Quick search by Component, ATC, etc
- Automatic recipe generation
- Recent and saved recipes list

To choose a topic please use the menu on the upper part of the page.

To demonstrate some of the functionalities fictional datas where created without any reference to real world situations. 

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